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what technological invention has had the most impact on our modern day world and our lives today?

Internet Invention

A number of inventions including the invention of the plough have a significant impact on the present world. However, the invention of the internet, a system of interconnected computers spanning the whole world, permitting individuals to access information in anyplace (Crichlow, 2013) is arguably the leading invention that has the most effect on the present-day world. The internet’s consequences for business, correspondence, economy and even governmental issues are significant.

The Internet might not have impacted the world the way the plough did; however it is most likely comparable with the invention of the steam engine. Invented as ARPANET in 1060s by the US military arm, DARPA, and later proposed for scholarly and military research (Pentland & Feldman, 2007), the internet has had a tremendous effect on how information is presently shared around the world. Following the invention, PC interconnection systems started to cross the world in the following couple of years, and by 1970s, computer researchers had made a solitary convention called the TCP/IP, that permitted PCs in one network to link and communicate with PCs in different networks. This was, basically, the dawn of the Internet; however it took another decade or so for different computer networks around the world to embrace the new convention, making the Internet a worldwide internet connection.

The Internet is such an essential invention bearing in mind its effects in the present world. The capacity to traverse and dispense information with high levels of accuracy could quicken the rate at which other essential innovations are made. In the meantime, some apprehension that the capacity to convey information, play and work over the Internet could hinder individuals’ ties to their families as well as, socially detaching them raises concerns. However, like any innovation, the advantages or disadvantages comes from how people chose to use the invention.


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