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Six aims of quality set forth by the Institute of Medicine – reducing readmissions

Consider the six aims of quality set forth by the Institute of Medicine (2001)–care that is safe, effective, efficient, equitable, timely, and patient centered), and apply them to the issue of reducing readmissions

Aims of Quality HealthCare

Providing quality health care services to clients by any health practice is a very imperative task in the given organization. Ensuring that this happens, the healthcare system needs to ensure that the services provided meet the various customers’ demands in whichever dimension they require. The health care institution thus needs to ensure that a timely, safe, effective, efficient among other factors that determine the nature, need and the general service provision is facilitated by the healthcare providing institution(Hickey & Brosnan, 2012).

This myriad of activities in the healthcare sector thus depends on the various ways the different stakeholders of the healthcare providing institution offer services to customers. Therefore, the system is likely to have a huge readmission of the previous patients with an increasing number of newly admitted patients every day of the week (Hoyt & Yoshihashi, 2014).

However, meeting the customers’ needs using the minimum time possible and in an efficient manner should be emulated by healthcare practice. The management has to ensure that the other workers of the healthcare practice are motivated to work and give outputs that can be easily evaluated through quantity and quality (Hoyt & Yoshihashi, 2014).

Quality healthcare through patient’s safety

Healthcare services provided by the need to be safe so as they can be termed to be quality to an individual when it is considered to be safe. According to the institute of medicine, 2001, the healthcare services provided by any medical firm should enough to guarantee an individual his/her security for life. By aiming at this motive, the healthcare providers need to provide services that can sustain a person’s life through the treatment done by their medical experts. For instance, a sick patient should be assured of treatment that will improve his/her current health status and not worsen the situation (David, 2011).

Also, it is outlined that healthcare should not harm an individual in any form but instead should enable the individual achieve his/her personal satisfaction. In supporting this, the use of chemicals and equipment that are employed in carrying out the various human operations should be safe for the individual (Scott, 2011). In this case, the instruments used in operations and surgery are sterilized so as to ensure that they don’t cause harm to patients.

Safety in medical practice will thus reduce readmission of patients as they are treated well hence acquire the conditions they expect. They are thus assured of longer healthy conditions when treated well and hence longer life assurance that is free from illness.

The quality healthcare through effectiveness

The healthcare institution should ensure that the various services it provides are based on scientific knowledge and skills. When this is done, then we can criticize or support the idea by other scientists so as to determine the weight of their services to ensure no individual is in danger of harm; either  in short time or longtime. The individuals can thus be convinced of the better service provided by the medical institution. The aim is to base out research and findings on scientific ideas so as to be able to prove them.

When an active medical practice is offered in an institution, then readmission of the same patients is likely to be reduced since individuals are assured of high standards and scientifically proven healthcare practices.

Quality healthcare through patient centeredness

According to Scott (2011), patient centeredness in any healthcare institution serves important role as this is the satisfaction of the needs, preferences, and the values that a given society expects from the institution. When a healthcare providing center ensures that this is met, then the admission of patients into the healthcare system is likely to be affected positively. Therefore, patient-centeredness is an essential element in ensuring quality healthcare services are given to the clients. Readmission of patients is likely to reduce when the healthcare practices offered meet the patients’ needs, preferences and values of the society.

Quality healthcare through time management

As argued by Elizabeth (2011), timely healthcare service delivery is a vital element to guarantee when offering medical services to patients. When medical services are done within the shortest time possible, then the patients are assured of quick and efficient services. This can be enhanced through a service provision where the personnel work in a team manner to ensure clients are served faster with those of mild and minor problems attended to as quick as possible. On the other hand, those with complicated issues such as the seriously injured can be given first priorities so as they can be attended within the shortest time possible to save lives. This factor is thus measured by the waiting time and the delay period one goes through in getting results, services, and the general healthcare. Timely Healthcare services ensure clients are quickly served and meet their expectations hence a reduction in the readmission of patients to the medical institution.

Quality healthcare through equality

The services provided should be provided across the board without any form of bias, discrimination or any other form of branding. The services should be equitably provided to all human races and cultures and thus should be there for all kinds of individuals. This ensures service for all. Equitable in the healthcare is measured by the disparity in the gender, income distribution, race and other socioeconomic factors such as population (Maulik, 2011).

Serving patients without any form of bias or segregation gives confidence to the clients hence contributing to a high percentage of reducing the readmission of patients.

Quality healthcare through efficiency

According to David (2011), healthcare services should be designed to reduce wastage of resources mainly ideas, equipment, energy and even the suppliers of products and services. When this is done, then the healthcare ensures that it has all the resources it requires to better their service provision. Efficiency provides that the healthcare firm attains its maximum output using its minimum threshold of inputs. When efficiency is facilitated by a healthcare institution, then loses are minimized from reduced wastage hence contribution to a reduction in the readmission of patients as they get maximum services.



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