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Robert Keohane and Global Cooperation on Climate Change – reaction paper

Theoretical Approaches to World Politics

Climate change is an international challenge that is only manageable through the cooperation of the global community (Bulkeley & Peter, 2015:1).  The atmosphere is a resource that is common to all countries with no one having control over it. Emission of Green House Gases (GHGs) from industrial activities and other machines result in the production of carbon dioxide that is the main cause of global warming. When such occurs, all countries suffer the effects irrespective of whether one nation contributed less or more to the emission of the gases. For instance, due to global warming, there are frequent climate-related disasters that disrupt normal activities world over. Therefore, climate change can only be governed by a collective global effort. According to Keohane (1984:4-5), the most powerful countries can use their financial abilities to convene global conferences whereby treaties are agreed upon and implemented to curb the adverse effects of climate change.

The world industrialized countries have the greatest responsibilities in curbing climate change because of the large amounts of fossil fuel released into the atmosphere from their industries (Bulkeley & Peter, 2015:6). Indeed, the US and other largest world economies have shown the effort to prevent the excessive emission of Greenhouse Gases but a lot still needs to be done. Some countries fail to adhere to a collective effort to curb the emission of GHGs as they argue that economic growth world enables them compensate for environmental effects caused by their industries.

Efforts are made to develop green energy such as geothermal and conversion of wind energy as well as sunlight in deserts to generate electricity as this minimizes the use of oil. Oil energy is the main cause of carbon dioxide, and thus every effort is made to minimize its usage. Manufacturers of cars have advanced research to develop hybrid cars that are environmentally friendly thus reducing effects of fusil fuel emission. The developed world can as well aid the emergent economies not to go their way by adopting the use of green energy and run programs such as afforestation to prevent excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.



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