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Product life cycle – product line extensions or related product or service

  1. Description of Samsung Mobile Phone i.e. Features and Benefits, Price and Total Cost of Ownership.

Samsung known as one of the most popular Android mobile phone manufacturers. The Samsung Galaxy series of phones is one of the latest models. With each new model in the series, the company has included some improvements. For starters, the camera is of very high quality and the phone is water resistant.

  1. Offering Definition and Types of Offerings

A consumer offering refers to the package associated with a product or service. Consumer offerings are categorized as follows: convenience, shopping, specialty and unsought (Tanner & Raymond, n.d.). Mobile phones can be classified under shopping offerings (Tanner & Raymond, n.d.) as many consumers tend to develop a liking for a specific brand compared to others present in the market. Brands such as Apple, Samsung and Blackberry represent some of the strongest mobile brands in the world today. In special cases, the product takes on the capacity of a specialty good when a limited edition release into the market. Specialty goods tend to be exclusive (Tanner & Raymond, n.d.). Apple has perfected the art of being considered as a specialty good. It targets a limited market that is willing to spend a significant amount of money to purchase the Apple experience. For Apple, the goal is to make their products, so simple to work with that customers are less concerned with cost and more enamored by the benefits of the features that the iPhone has.

  1. Is Samsung Mobile Product dominant or service dominant? Tangible and intangible aspects?

The mobile phone arm of Samsung is more products dominant as it capitalizes on the end-product. Samsung Mobile strives to ensure that its smartphones offer consumers the best in terms of quality and applications. Majority of the features that favor it as a brand over its competitors are intangible such as the high-quality pictures it takes, storage/memory, applications supported on the mobile phone (Sanders, 2015), among others.

  1. Product line extension of Samsung smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy series has undergone product extension since its creation. The result is the generation of new models that seek to provide a better user-experience. The most current brand is the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone that seeks to offer a better experience for its users. It has an improved processor, longer lasting battery life, a fingerprint scanner, and the phone is water proof (Powell, 2015).

  1. Product lifecycle- potential market strategies based on the product or services lifecycle stage

The extension of a product’s life-cycle is an important feature that helps to strengthen consumer loyalty as it guarantees them the ability to use one product. It also ensures that the product use for a long period without it breaking down or replacement. The Samsung smartphone integrates with an upgrading service (Samsung, 2015) for this purpose. It makes it possible for the user to upgrade the phone’s operating system (Samsung, 2015) through wireless networks without having to change phones. Also, the company has invested significantly in the development of an Eco-design system (Samsung, 2015) which seeks to develop products that are within the set global environmental regulations. It shows Samsung’s commitment to providing excellent products and services without endangerment of the environment. The result is that more markets attract to their products as they see the benefits that the nation and the individual stand to gain.


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