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Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing communications objectives, Promotion mix

1. Integrated Marketing Communications. Considering your new target market and any modifications, new product line extensions or new products you may have developed to serve the new target market needs, create your ‘Big Idea” to be the basis of the message strategy for all your marketing communications.

2) Marketing communications objectives. Write at least three marketing communications objectives using the AIDA framework discussed in the course content.

3) Promotion mix. For each of the three marketing communications objectives written in number 2, discuss which of the promotion tools would be the best choice to reach each of the three marketing communications objective. One tool must be advertising (traditional or online) You may have more than one promotion mix tool for any given marketing communications objective.

4) Media strategy. Discuss at least two of your media choices that you believe will best reach your target market with your advertising. Be specific with your choices, e.g. HGTV, Rehab Addict, because the product or service is targeting a do-it-yourself target market, or Home Depot website banner ads for the same target market. Or Morning TV National News, Good Morning America and The Today Show, 1st hour because your target market is educated urban workers. If using social media, discuss which social media and how they will be used to accomplish which objective.

Integrated Marketing Communications

In today’s modern world marketers and marketing, organizations strive to present people with a message that concise across different platforms. The traditional way of marketing that entailed simple strategies has changed forever (Young, 2014). Therefore, the implementation of an integrated marketing communication strategy can offer a competitive advantage to any business. This paper will relate and integrate a marketing communication concept for Samsung mobile phone to a specific target market.

The objectives of the integrated marketing strategy are to create a buzz, relationship communication, increase brand awareness and lastly drive sales. In preparing the integrated marketing communication on must consider the new target market and create the “Big Idea” on the basis of the message strategy of the entire marketing communication. Our new target audience to roll out a new type and sophisticated phone are young adults, teens, students, business professional and tech-savvy professionals. The IM strategy will have a brand statement “Your Way to an Ultimate Experience”. Secondly, the unique selling proposition “durability and flexibility” and marketing selling proposition that will use comparisons, challenges, creating a buzz and endorsements (Caywood, 1997).

The marketing communication objectives are as follows to create brand awareness, sufficient media exposure, a strong brand recall and a consistent and unique message. To meet this objective, Samsung must create a promotional mix (Caywood, 1997) and (Schultz, 1993). The new Samsung phone promoted in various launch events throughout the globe. During such events, the phone will be launched to develop and create relationships between key players and various distribution channel. It will also help in getting feedback with programmers and application developers. Celebrity endorsement will also be used to create brand attraction, awareness, and attention. Lastly, leverage on existing relationships with Nintendo. They are two possible reasons it’s an existing relationship, and they are possible benefits that can accrue from such collaborations.

The media strategy will be used to deliver content to the consumer in the new target market. The message will be a consistent conveyed central message. The new Samsung phone will be premium brand phone targeting young adults, teens, students, business professional and tech-savvy professionals (Jones, 1999). Therefore, the best location will premium location such as airports, mall and campuses were chosen as the best parts to feel the brand. Besides, Samsung will invest in Samsung operated exclusive showrooms where customers can see, touch and experience the latest product (Jones, 1999). Lastly, Samsung will focus on digital marketing. Samsung understands the reducing role of traditional media that is less targeted especially for conscious style segments and early adopters. Therefore, Samsung will focus on the digital medium.

In conclusion, the paper has shown that Samsung adopted various communication tools and techniques to reach the new target, customer. Integrated marketing strategies combine media and communication tools to spread the marketing message across different distribution channels. The use of these tools ensures that the targeted audience is reached. Businesses can then leverage on the best tool that they find more effective. Therefore, integrated marketing relies on the power of traditional marketing and public relations efforts. However, it must be organized to be effective and impact the minds to the targeted market.


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