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  Definition Advantages Disadvantages
Application form  

It’s a paper or form produced by companies seeking to hire potential employees. The form usually requests personal information like education history, job experience, address and contact information.


 -A standardized format hence enabling companies to analyze the information provided and make comparison.

– They are quick and easy to do.

-It’s hard to know the truth since applicants can lie.

-The limitation of the online form usually has word limit hence limiting the information provided by applicants and which may give them the competitive advantage.

Psychometric tests  A process involving the measurement of a candidate’s strengths and weakness. The tests try to establish the personality, ability and one’s knowledge level.



 -They are cost effective to the company in the long-run since it’s cheap and easy to administer.

-Its standardized hence biasness in terms of favourism is not experienced.


– Candidates may not provide accurate information.

– requires the correct training when using it or else it would lead to it not being efficient.

Résumé or curriculum vitae review


 It’s a document or a summary of one’s education history and job experience. -Used by employers to match against the employer’s needs.

– minimal time is spent to evaluate its content

-Unreliable since the qualified candidates may be left out because their CV did not meet the employer’s needs and vice versa.

–  suffers from Inaccuracy of information from the applicant.

Formal (structured) interview  It’s a one on one interview between the applicant and employer and which will enable the employer to Determine if the applicant is suitable for a given position Arthur, 2012, p. 22). -Standard questions are used and the various responses from the applicants can be compared to check for suitability.

– The interview can be repeated to check for reliability of data.

-The interviewer may influence the response given hence making the process unreliable.

-the interviewer may give false information so as to make themselves acceptable.

Informal interview  It’s whereby the applicant collects information about a certain job or company. The applicant interviews those working in a given field they intend to get in to.



– Flexible since the interviewer can make adjustments to the questions and change direction of the interview.

– The informal environment makes it possible for the respondent to be open and honest.


-Minimal interview can be conducted since it can last for a long time.

-Difficult to compare results since the interview are unique

-Time consuming.

Teaching observation Applicants are taken to a real class with students and asked to teach them while he/she is being observed by other teachers.



 -Provides an opportunity to determine how well one blends with the students.

– It enables one to view the creativity levels of the applicants when teaching.

-Unreliable since minimal time is spent observing the teacher and which relies on assumption of teacher effectiveness.

-Prone to bias from the evaluator. This may be for or against the teacher.

Presentation by candidates to a panel of teachers  Involves candidates making a practical presentation lessons before other teachers. The candidates are given a topic and asked to present it. -The teachers are able to ask questions so as to view the knowledge level of the applicant.

– The teachers get to determine the topic to be presented so as to determine how qualified the candidate is (Edenborough, 2007, p. 29).

– No Conesus can be arrived at on the performance of the applicant due to variation of opinions from the panel.

Online testing Its part of the psychometric test and it tries to assess the intelligence and knowledge level of the applicant in relation to their work. The test is usually timed, has one correct answer and tries to determine how quickly one is able to arrive at the right answer.



-It’s easy to evaluate the performance of the applicants.

– The information can be stored for future use plus there is minimal error involved.

–  The questions can be customized to determine the suitability of the candidate for a given job.

-lacks creativity hence may fail to meet one’s needs.

-it hard to prevent cheating cases.

-Its time consuming and tedious to develop and upload the questions.

References  These are ones previous employer and who can provide more information about one’s working culture and traits.



 -Provide information relating to their experience when working with the applicant and their suitability.

-Prone to biasness on the part of the referee either for or against the applicant.

I would recommend that the school to use teaching observation method technique since from it they would be able to see for themselves first hand on how well they perform in a real classroom situation. Through observation, they would be able to see how the teacher relates with the students. This is important because the ease with which the teacher blends with the students will aide in the learning process and understanding on the part of the students (Edenborough, 2007, p. 43). The administration of the school would be able to see how innovative the applicant is in trying to create a conducive learning environment to enhance the learning capabilities of the students. This will enable them to see how well capable the applicant is in trying to make the learning session more lively and engaging with the students.  Teaching observation makes it possible to view the confidence level of the applicant, how well the applicant is able to articulate issues and his/her personality. All this is vital in improving the student-teacher relation and which in the long run will ultimately impact positively on the performance of the school.

I would also recommend that the school adopt the use of the psychometric test method to evaluate the suitability of potential candidates. Firstly, the school would incur minimal expenses when using and administering this method (Compton, Morrissey, & Nankervis, 2009, p. 57). The other advantage is that based on the fact that it has a standardized format, the school will eliminate the issue of biasness and ensure that it is able to get the best and suitable candidate for the job.   The psychometric test would make it possible for the school to determine what strengths does the applicant bring to the table and determine how well they work with it to enhance the goals of the schools. The school administration would be able to determine the weaknesses of the applicants and which will determine the various strategies to use in terms of additional training in order work with the weaknesses of the applicants (Ronan 2013, p. 62). Ones the school has been able to determine the applicants strengths and weaknesses, it can be able to integrate this traits into its entire structure so that it can strengthen its entire administrative system.


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