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How was science and progress perceived in the early 20th century?

1) How was science and progress perceived in the early 20th century? How would you compare that to the early 21st century?

2) How has technology and progress changed the ways we live in our homes? How has this changed our expectations of cleanliness?



It is indubitable that science and technology have significantly changed from the early 20th century to the present. At the beginning of the 20th century, the globe underwent a phase of scientific discovery and evolution that promoted development. Some of the remarkable scientific discoveries included telegraphic invention in 1901 that changed the global information and communications (UNESCO, 2008). Discovery of the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers was also a turning point in the global logistics and transport. This was accompanied by the evolution of the railway transport sector through the steam engines. There were also major inventions in the medical industry. Such includes the cure of syphilis and leukemia that was a deadly disease in the early 1900’s. The 21st century is perceived as the era of progress and advancement. The period deepened what was discovered during the 20th century. It saw increased industrial, technological, infrastructural and communications development (Edward, 2001). Technological innovations such as mobile phone communication, Internet discovery and electric engines were all an advancement of the early 1900’s science and development.

Technology and progress have made significant changes lives at homes and the expectation for cleanliness. One of the major innovations was the discovery of electricity that changed the way people cook, iron and bath at home (Casey, 2012). This development improved the way cleanliness was defined within and outside homes. For example, ironing clothes is a common activity in the homes, and it largely uses electricity. Technology and progress have also improved the way food is cooked. Ovens and microwaves are standard in our homes. They aid in the quick cooking of food and preparations of drinks. This has also improved the hygiene of food; thus, avoiding the diseases and ailments related to food preparation. In conclusion, technology and progress have utterly transformed the operation in our homes.


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