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How the use of digital media was used to communicate information to achieve a specific goal.

The use of digital media within organizations has transformed how organizations communicate with prospective and current customers. Digital media such as: web videos, e-books, and social media have each shaped the communication strategies organizations employ to engage customers.

Deliverable for Project 1

In this assignment, you will locate and read a case study, and then write a brief analysis analyzing, how the use of digital media was used to communicate information to achieve a specific goal. Each student is to find an article/scenario/case relating to any of the topics we have been reading/covering in the class and then provide an analysis of the article or case, which integrates what you have learned in the course, in addition to performing additional outside research.

Digital media communication



Introduction and synopsis of the article

The case study in consideration involves the communication application utilized by LEVIEV Extraordinary Diamonds. The organization utilizes an application that an individual can access through their iphones or ipads to communicate with the sales associates when buying any form of jewelry that they might be interested in purchasing. Through the Salesforce application, the company gets in touch with customers that are not always stationed in one place, which assists in pushing for the global marketing efforts implemented by the organization. The application, built on the platform, provides the company with a personalized communication channel (Ferrie, 2013). Through the platform, customers can specify some of their needs in terms of jewelry, after which the sales associates could direct them to take their order in whatever location they might be based.

In spite of the ability to achieve a personal touch of communication with their customers, LEVIEV Extraordinary Diamonds use the application to display some of their products through the Salesforce1 Mobile App. The application contains pictures of their products, which makes it possible for customers to have a direct touch with the products, conversely making their choices from wherever they might be located. Conversely, the sales associates can conduct business while in spite of the fact that some customers can be miles apart from them. For this reason, the application assists the organization to not only market their products online, but also make sales from whatever location across the globe. Such an initiative enables the company to meets its objectives, which include the provision of a particular level of convenience to the customers, and increasing the sales volumes.

Goal of organization

The communications environment in terms of marketing different products has experienced significant changes in contemporary society. Various technological developments, most of which are supported by the internet, have fundamentally changed the manner in which organizations interact or communicate with their customers (Hudson, Roth, & Madden, 2012). Marketers employ different communication techniques to communicate with their customers, most of which are internet-based since they create convenient atmosphere for customers.

Hudson, Roth, and Madden (2012) indicate that the usage of the internet platform has experienced significant growth, which is not only reflected by the total number of internet users, but also the per capita utilization. Since most of the customers have adopted technological developments in influencing their purchases, marketers adopt the advancements to bring the market closer to the customers (Fichman, Dos Santos & Zheng, 2014). For this reason, organizations can be able to serve their customers at whatever time of the day or night, which is a factor that develops an organization’s business based on the relationships that customers have with the internet.

Through the Salesforce application, LEVIEV Executive Diamonds’ objective relies on the provision of services parallel to the quality of the exclusive diamonds the company provides for their customers. The primary intention is for the organization to create an amazing customer experience, which emanates from creating a suitable relationship with the customers through the “jewel box” application. LEVIEV Extraordinary Diamonds is considered as the largest exclusive diamond company globally, which means that the primary intention for adopting the phone application is to provide services that compliment their position in the market.

Since the company sells its diamonds exclusively via its boutiques in Singapore, London, Dubai and New York, a vital component to consider is that the interaction with customers is of uttermost importance for the organization. For such high-valued products, it appears that trust is essential, which means that customers should trust the brand before making their purchases. For this reason, the mobile application assists the firm’s customers to become more knowledgeable which makes the interaction between sales associates and the customers easier to handle.

Apart from creating an effective channel for personalized communication between customers and the sales advocates, the Salesforce phone application assists the employees in various departments to manage their projects more effectively. The application makes it possible for the employees to keep track of the institution’s inventory, orders, and accounts whenever they might be. This means that the application provides the employees with enough time take care of the needs of their customers in different locations simultaneously, in spite of the fact that the customers might purchase their jewelry from different locations. However, the CEO, Paul Raps, believes that as part of the company’s business, building appropriate customer relationships remains to be the most vital aspect of the organization’s business (Ferrie, 2013).

Strategy employed to accomplish the goal

The strategy that the company adopted in order to accomplish the primary objective was to create an environment in which the customers could trust the brand. Through the “jewel box” application, the intention was to expose customers to the extraordinary diamond offerings that were available, which is ideas for the creation of an amazing experience for the customer (Essvale Corporation, 2008).  For this reason, the company looked into creating an application that stores images for each stone that a customer buys. Conversely, the application assisted in uploading images created by the organization’s designers, thereby making the images available for customers to consider when making decisions for their future purchases.

Following the selection of setting of a preferred stone, designers upload sketches, which are made available for the clients to view. Conversely, the sales associates work together with the jewelers to ensure that each detail desired by the customer is met. The other strategy considered by the company relates to the idea that most of their customers travel to different places. For this reason, they had to come up with an avenue through which they could get in touch with their customers from wherever they are to make sure that they receive what they desire at whatever location. The Sales Cloud also uses personal information, which include the birth dates of their clients as well as the different anniversaries they might be celebrating to create strong relationships. Since the primary objective of the company was to create a relationship with a customer based on trust, remembering their customers personal information and using the information to send their regards was one of the elemental strategies utilized for the creation of a trustful relationship.

Conclusion and analysis of the end result of the initiative

The interviews conducted with the organization’s CEO and the other leaders of LEVIEV Extraordinary Diamonds indicate that the implementation of the application for the promotion of an appropriate customer relationship with the customer was successful. Each of the individuals interviewed indicate that the application has made it possible for the employees to have a personal relationship with various clients. For this reason, one of the most vital considerations in relation to the effectiveness of the application relates to the positivity that the organization’s management has regarding the success of the project.



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