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How People Make Buying Decisions: Principles of Marketing

1.Consumer Behavior Model: Environmental factors. Refer to the week’s readings and the model of consumer behavior, identify two of the most important environmental factors you think are relevant to the customers of your product or service offering. Explain your choices.

2.Consumer Behavior Model: Consumer factors. Refer to this week’s readings and the model of consumer behavior, identify the three most important consumer factors you think are relevant to the customers of your product or service offering. Explain your choices.

3.Role of involvement in consumer decision-making. Identify the level of involvement a customer of your product or service might use to make a purchase/no purchase decision. Then, discuss which type of buying behavior is most consistent with that level of involvement.

4.Consumer decision-making process.Go through the six steps of the purchase process outlined in the readings and identify where marketing can influence each of the six steps. For example, if a consumer just identified a need for your product in step one, then the company can advertise how your product fills that need. Or, if a consumer purchased your product, the consumer can be called and asked about their satisfaction with the product and if there is any dissatisfaction steps can be taken to ensure the customer satisfaction. Be sure to be more specific with respect to your product or service than this example.


  1. Environmental Factors You Think Are Relevant To the Customers

Most of the environmental factors affecting Samsung Mobile as relevant; however, the most relevant environmental factor is demography since technology, politics and social life are connected to variation in population environment. The company is known for its focus on technology in addressing larger population. Generally, the youth are popular in using this technology for communication. Hence Samsung Mobile meets the needs of the new clients by advancing new innovations. The other environmental factor is the rise of women in today’s business (Brady, 2010). Most of the modern businesses have several women taking up varied positions. Adding to their professional life, they have roles for their families like cooking and washing. However, Samsung Mobile has included new specialties to make the lives of women much simpler like use of short programs for home chores.

  1. Important Consumer Factors Relevant To The Customers

There are several consumer factors that may affect Samsung Mobile. The physical attributes are vital as it helps define about 31 percent of the overall variance in client decision in mobile purchasing. Physical aspects comprise all the physical attributes of mobile phone like Bluetooth, color and size among others. The other aspect is pricing which contributes to 11 percent of the overall variance and helps to influence the customer’s decision on purchasing the product (Giachetti, 2013). The third factor influencing the customer behavior is the level of satisfaction that is acquired from the product. Customers are bound to go for a Samsung Mobile based on its ability to meet their needs. Consumer behavior are driven by the need to satisfy as a certain need, and they will purchase a product that will align and even surpass their needs. For the case of Samsung Mobile, a phone that is easy to carry and has relevant features to a customer would appeal more to a customer than one that is heavy and has the same features.

  1. Level of Involvement And Buying Behavior Most Consistent

The role of involvement consumers in decision making in Samsung Mobile is a low level involvement. Purchasing a mobile phone in certain cases may take place with no prior plan or thought. The buying decisions are termed to as buying from an impulse sense (Hutt, & Speh, 2012). As one goes to on shopping, they may enquire about a mobile phone and due to its great features; Bluetooth, color, size, recommendations, and other features they purchase the product. The product is in most cases based on low decision making and are bought on impulse.

  1. Six Steps of The Purchase Process

There are six steps of the purchase process for a product. There is problem recognition where the consumer has to be aware of what they want or how perceive their level of satisfaction. For Samsung Mobile, this offers them the chance to be aware that there exists a need. The company hence has to start content marketing, share details of what the product can do. This helps solve the problem for the customer.

The second step is information search where the customer is aware of the issues and are in search of a solution. Samsung Mobile needs to establish its brand as a leader in the mobile industry and advertise its product far and wide (Uddin, et al., 2014). The next step is the analysis of other options. Here there are other available options for the customer to make comparison with the chosen product. This is hard for any marker. For Samsung Mobile, it needs to keep the client on its side and acquire their trust.

In the purchase decisions, the customer is aware of the varied options available and are aware of pricing and payment alternatives and have opted to go ahead with the purchase. Samsung Mobile needs to improve its game in marketing through security while ensuring that the clients are of why they need to buy the product. Here, more information is presented on why the product is the best. The next stage is purchase where research is done and the consumer has settled on buying the product. Here Samsung Mobile is still involved in marketing in a simple manner.

Lastly, it is the post-purchase analysis where the loyalty and revenue is maintained after purchase of the product. It is necessary to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the choice made. For Samsung Mobile, they can offer the customer an opportunity to return and getting the point of disconnect and allowing an exchange.



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