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Describe your Perception of a Motorcycle Enthusiast

Perception of Motorcycle Enthusiasts





I am not a motorcycle enthusiast. I, however, have an enthusiasm for motor vehicles and partly understand what makes motorcycles a thing of beauty for those that enjoy either owning or riding them. There is a popular saying among motorcycle enthusiasts that one would rather be caught pushing a Harley than riding a Metric. A Harley is a highly decorated type of motorcycle that comes with rich past and commendable specs. Thus, many individuals would rather save up for long in order to acquire a Harley rather than settle on a lesser bike thus proving their enthusiasm.

One reason that takes the awe out of motorcycling for me and not motorcycles per se is the statistics on motorcycle-related accidents. Many of these leave people with serious injuries, paralyzed, or even dead. The thrill that is attached to motorcycling is connected to the adrenaline rush that comes with riding at high speeds with death as a possible outcome. This is very addictive. I perceive people who love racing without the necessary protection, which is a popular part of motorcycling, as placing too little a value on their wholeness and life. With the statistics on accidents alone, one would think that motorcycle enthusiasts would exercise more caution. On the contrary however, they seem to reel in pushing the limits of their machines.

With the relationship between motorcycles and organized gangs in the USA in particular, one would be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that owning a priced motorcycle predisposes one to crime. People that are seen riding around in groups usually attract scepticism and are treated as pariahs in many states. It is no wonder that the perceptions of many motorcycle clubs are negative.

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