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Create an agenda for New Employee Orientation at School.

The objective of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of how the human resource function interacts with other functions in the organization.

Create an agenda for New Employee Orientation at School. The orientation should last one full day. The new employee will meet with representatives from: HR, Finance, Information Technology and the school administrator.

Set up a schedule and time for each meeting. Give each meeting a subject title and short description.

The description of the meeting should provide in detail the pertinent information the new employee will learn from each representative.


            Staff orientation is highly prioritized within the Southwood Schools. The process aims at bringing up to speed and align the new employee to the school motto Together Everyone Achieves More and Achieve, Create Enjoy (Robson, 2009; Southwood School, 2012). It also introduces the new staff to the dynamic Southwood Schools environment that is comprised of students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and parents, among other players who directly or indirectly impact on our programmes (Robson, 2008; Southwood School, 2015). This one-day orientation agenda seeks to guide new staff in the operations of different units and departments (Human Resources – HR, Information Technology- IT, finances and administration). The agenda also includes the time, venue, and aim of the meeting at different stages.

            Pre-orientation preparation

In this phase, the new staff is informed by the human resources department of the day, location and time of the orientation meeting. The orientations are either conducted individually or in group form depending on the number of new employees. The employees are expected to report to the HR offices with all their personal documents and contracts documents for the induction process.

            Steps in orientation

The orientation programme is conducted in several stages.

Stage 1 – Human Resources Department

Time – 0900hrs-1030hrs

Venue – Human Resources Offices, Block C, Rm. 9

Aim – To understand the school’s background, operations and future


The meeting will entail the following:-

  • Introducing the new staff to the school’s vision, mission, and culture
  • Introduce the staff’s job description and desired results
  • Assist the staff in completing the relevant employment documents to commence on the work
  • General questions, answers and clarifications

Stage 2 – Finances Department

Time – 1030hrs-1200hrs

Venue – Finance Offices, Rm. 6

Aim – To understand the school’s financial operations


  • To introduce the new staff to the financial operations
  • Inform the staff of the salaries and other benefits plans and entitlements
  • Inform the staff on the payments plan of the school
  • General questions, answer and clarifications

Stage 3 – Information Technology (IT) Department

Time – 1400hrs-1500hrs

Venue – IT department – Rm. 2

Aim – To inform the staff of the school’s IT operations  


  • Familiarize the staff to the school’s IT plans, operations and
  • Create an online account for the staff and update his information
  • Take the staff to the online resources for training, revision and general information
  • General questions, answer and clarifications

Stage 4 – Administration Unit  

Time – 1500hrs-1630hrs

Venue – School’s Administration Block (Block B, Rm. 4)

Aim – To understand the school’s administrative operations  


  • Introduce the staff to the school, department and other supervisors
  • Inform the staff on the channels and tank of communications,
  • Inform the staff on the administrative plans and procedures
  • Updates to the standards required, office placement, mode of operations, reporting structures, reconciliation procedures, and other personal issues.
  • General questions, answer and clarifications

Step 5 – Closure of the orientation

Time – 1630hrs

Aim – General feedback of the process


  • This will involve a recap of the orientation process, general feedback on the meeting, establishing the areas for more orientation and propose the way forward.
  • This step also aids in improving the future orientation plans based on the new staff’s experiences.


            Southwood Schools continue to create an ideal environment for operation of different parties involved. The orientation programme seeks to introduce the new staff to our community, learn more from us as we learn from them. This aids in the quick settling down and embarking on the work as described in the job description.


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