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A monologue in which a character presents itself, plunged into a social problem

Write a monologue in which a character presents itself, plunged into a social problem that will lead to marginalization or dehumanization. Think of issues such as poverty, addiction to alcohol or drugs, dementia, aging and neglect.


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This suffering seems to never end, look at me now! I have not had a meal for three days! I am so dirty I can only hide under this bridge all day and wait for the cover of darkness to hide my shame so I can venture out seeking for alms (Anderson & Neale, 2013). My education has gone to waste. My father always warned me, “Choose your friends wisely my child, the world and its inhabitants are a heartless lot. They will befriend you today and shun you like a leper the next day.”

I am now trapped in a land so far away from home. I always read stories of people being saved by strangers from their plight. Where is one now! Dear God, please send me a rescuer, I am contemplating the worst. Help me oh God, help me. I have no where else to turn to. The last time I was clean enough, not even clean as one would imagine but confident enough to ask a once close friend for help on served to sprinkle my already wounded ego with sea salt.

I blame all this on the bottle! It started out as a means to look cool to my new so called friend in this strange land. Now, three years later, I have lost all contact with my family and these so called friends are no where to be found. Is this the meaning of life, are humans just but animals? My God do help me! Even death would be a great way to rid me of this suffering. I have tried it myself but am unsuccessful. There is no hope for this wretched soul.


Anderson, L. & Neale, D. (2013). Writing Fiction. London, UK: Routledge.

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