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The essay titled president On Israel and Iran, President Obama Mistakes Friend and Foe authored by Jeb Bush has used various techniques to generate propaganda. The different techniques of propaganda used in the article are political in nature aimed at conveying Jeb Bush as a suitable candidate for the next United States presidential candidate. Jeb Bush has expressed interest in the presidential race in the forthcoming United States presidential election. Since he is a republican, he has used this article to attack the administration of Obama especially with respect to the foreign policy.

Propaganda Techniques

One of the clearly illustrated propaganda in the article is Bandwagon. Bandwagon refers to an appeal that is aimed at attempting to persuade the audience targeted to take a given course of action that the author or other people are taking. It reinforces individuals to join a crowd so as to be in a winning side. It can also influence individuals that a given program is an expression of the mass movement that is inevitable and that it is in the best interest of every individual to join the winning side (Orwell 1941). It can also be aimed at inviting individuals who have not already joined the bandwagon to make the decision to join so as to enable them achieve victory.

In this article, Jeb Bush can be argued to be urging the citizens of United States to support his presidential ambition. This he did careful by attacking the Obama administration foreign policy. The accusation that he gave are not necessarily true since most of the foreign policies that led to attack of Iran and Israel were unanimously made through consensus that involved congress members from both democrats and Republicans. To indicate the magnitude of the bandwagon technique in the article, Jeb Bush indicated in the article that “Apparently, all you have to do is to reelect a leader whom the president doesn’t like” (Bush 1). This statement was aimed at influencing the audience to elect opposition candidates as the next president of United States. This statement strongly indicates that Jeb Bush is involved with propaganda aimed at fostering the agenda of Republicans who are the main opposition of the Obama administration. This is propaganda since it does not provide concrete reason for reelecting a person who is not liked by Obama. If it was not propaganda rather than an article aimed at correcting the past foreign policy mistakes, then Jeb Bush should have indicated that the individual to be elected should be a person with sound foreign policies instead of insisting on electing a candidate who is disliked by the president.

Another propaganda technique that is used in the article can be argued to be glittering generalities. Glittering generalities is the use of intense and emotional appealing words that are closely associated with concepts that are highly valued (Orwell 1941). These words are appealing to such emotions such as desire for peace, love for the country, honor, glory and freedom among others. In the article, the author used glittering generalities in various occasions. One way that the author used glittering generalities is to appeal to the citizens of United States that he loves peace and the country. In his opening remarks, Bush indicated that Obama neglected to defend American values but instead chose to work with enemies. This provides an emotion to audience that Obama do not care about his country and leaves the audience with the option that Jeb Bush is more caring and loving to American values than Obama. The author also used words that indicate that he has desire for peace. This is indicated in his statements that it was not in the best interest of America to attack countries such as Iran. He appears to urge the audience that peace should exist between nations as each of the nations supports each other and have one major philosophy. For instance, he indicated that the United States under the leadership of Obama has the inability to conduct basic diplomacy. He also reflects that White House issued half hearted congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reelection and the achievement of Israel multi ethnic democracy and multi party. This can be argued to be aimed at influencing the audience to have the perception that the Obama administration rarely demonstrates love to other foreign countries.

The article also uses slogan as a propaganda technique. The use of slogan involves brief and striking phrase that can include labeling and stereotyping. The author of the article used slogans in various occasions. In the first place, Bush used slogan to indicate that the action of Obama towards foreign policies are ineffective and misinformed. This is indicated in his statement that goes “….best summarized this way: weak and uncertain” (Bush 1). In this statement he was referring to Obama foreign policy as weak and uncertain. Slogan is also used to refer to Obama’s approach to Israel as foolish. This is included in the statement that says “…with Iran as the primary instigator – this approach is foolish” (Bush 1). This is a slogan that undermines the current government of United States foreign policy approach to Iran.


The article uses a number of propaganda techniques that was aimed at undermining the Obama administration while influencing the audience to support the opposition. The propaganda that is highlighted in the essay is of political nature. It involves the opposition candidate with presidential ambition. It can be argued that the article was targeted to the electorate of United States to influence them to support the Republican candidates in its bid to be the next United States president. The propaganda mainly focuses on the foreign policies of the United States in an attempt to convey the current government as a failure.

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